Cultural Landscape


Dr Martin Michette
School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford
Oxford Resilient Buildings and Landscapes Lab (OxRBL)


Julia Brandt
University of Applied Sciences Mainz

“The Citadel of Mainz – Tensions in integrating the conservation of nature, landscape, and architecture”

Figen Kıvılcım Çorakbaş
Associate Professor of Architecture, Bursa Uludağ University
The conservation of the spirit of place in Cappadoocia, and a methodology to conserve the tangible and the intangible values of a multilayered cultural landscape


This breakout session focused on the concept of cultural landscape. We heared impulse presentations from projects at two large heritage sites: Cappadocia, Turkey and Mainz Citadel, German. We then opened the room to a wider discussion on the topic, with the aims of composing a brief statement to share with the rest of the symposium, and defining a set of Wikipedia edits for the following day.

SXNCH – Sites at the Intersection of Natural and Cultural Heritage