Welcome to SXNCH

SXNCH is a globally engaged research group and growing network, based at the University of Oxford. Our aim is to better understand sites at the intersection of cultural and natural heritage. We do this by bringing together researchers, experts, local leaders, communities, heritage decision makers, and knowledge builders from around the world. Through democratising knowledge – learning together and from each other – we are finding solutions to the challenges these sites face. SXNCH seeks to strengthen the management of the historic environment, and grow sustainable opportunities for communities and heritage to thrive together.

The natural and the built are tightly interwoven in the historic environment. This contributes to what makes these places so special. It also makes these places particularly sensitive, for example to the effects of climate change. There is an increasing awareness of the need to manage the natural and historic built environment in a holistic way, treating them as components of a greater whole, rather than separate entities.

SXNCH explores new digital methods of engagement – for stakeholders, experts, students, local communities, and the visiting public – which can address the management and interpretation of complex, large, mixed heritage sites. SXNCH forms a network between these groups and across the world, opening participation to new groups and forming new relationships. This will lead to new strategies for conservation and help improve resilience to climate change, by building a collective resource and enabling a fluid exchange of ideas and solutions.

SXNCH aims to highlight the central role the interplay between natural and cultural forces play in shaping our historic environment, and therefore the central role managing the historic environment will play in shaping our response to climate change.

Our work has been funded by the ESRC Impact Acceleration Account and the German Foreign Office

SXNCH – Sites at the Intersection of Natural and Cultural Heritage